Chevron Ring


Chevron Ring

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 Made in Toronto

One simple, textured chevron silver band, handmade of recycled material.

93.75% Pure Silver
6.25% Copper and Germanium

Using a higher silver to copper ratio, neglecting to use nickel or cadmium and the addition of germanium makes this the highest possible grade of silver. The germanium increases the tarnish resistance of an already durable metal and the purity of the allow ensures for a durable piece that can be work daily for years.

This silver is hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant and doesn’t stain the skin.


Silver is recycled from post consumer goods (e-waste, appliances, silverware, jewelry, and security tags, x-ray or photography equipment) and industrial applications.

Silver is recycled responsibly (without producing excess CO2 & without the use of toxic chemical agents).