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Salt & Sour Book

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So… what’s this story about anyways?

When we think of starting over, most of us dream up images of exciting new adventures and possibilities.

For Yoda, starting from scratch meant waking up alone and sorting through the losses that had vanished over the last 16 months: her home, her partner, her dog, her life savings, her restaurant, and her self-worth.

In this gutsy memoir, Yoda chronicles her turbulent relationship and the restaurant that caused her to lose so much, including herself. Instead of sugar-coating the process and promising everything will get tied up in a sparkly bow, Yoda details how complicated and unravelling starting over really feels.

For Yoda, it’s through a combination of facing the hard truths about her relationship, making amends with the people she had wronged, travelling Europe and rediscovering herself, that she finds a way to start from scratch in life, love, words, and food.

This book is a compilation of stories of resilience and the perils of attaching your self-worth to someone else, with tempting recipes sprinkled throughout.

There are 17 recipes in the book, each one following a specific food memory. Each and every recipe has been extensively tested for accuracy and deliciousness.